Minecraft Server List

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Minecraft Server List

Rank Name Server Players Status
876Sky Horizons

1.18.1 - Survival Server Server IP: play.skyhorizons.net Jump high into the clouds and join us on Sky Horizons! A friendly server with survival and plenty more gamemodes on the way!


AlphaMinecraft Nederlands en engelse server Versie: 1.8.8-1.16.5 Skyblock, Creative, Survival(1.14.4!), MineTopia en MiniGames

878Experience - Survival

Hello, welcome to Experience! We're are a survival server with land claiming features. Currently, we're looking for staff. If you'd like to apply, go in game and run the command "/discord". Some good features about this server are: - Custom Mobs and Enchantments - Auction ho...


Servidor survival brasileiro, sem lag, PvP durante s noites, permitido roubar, possui proteo de blocos. Hack proibido!


Atlantica has started and we're looking for a few more players to join. Atlantica server features: - Never deleted a server before, still have RAD running after 2 years - Active and helpful admins to help resolve issues - 32GB RAM + Ryzen 3700x CPU + NVMe SSD Storage - Based in USA, with grea...

881Liquid Prison

BETA TODAY play.liquidprison.com BETA TODAY play.liquidprison.com BETA TODAY play.liquidprison.com BETA TODAY play.liquidprison.com BETA TODAY play.liquidprison.com BETA TODAY play.liquidprison.com


A family serwer for people wanting to play a simple minecraft, build buildings or cities. Have fun! No fights, no stress - pure minecraft for creative people.


OnlyVanilla is a brand new 100% vanilla server. There is ONLY one rule! No Hacking -We have a supportive community and mulitple groups! - The server is 8 months old and we have many players from several countries. - The server has an extremely active admin that takes suggestions from players. - A...

884Red Rising SMP

Red Rising is a semi-vanilla Minecraft Survival/PvP server with lots of awesome plugins to make your experience more fun! Discord: https://discord.gg/Nz2AwwvShm CROSSPLAY! You can join our server on bedrock/pocket edition AND java! Bedrock port is normal! 19132 You can make land claims, towns, pl...

885NettyMC SMP

https://discord.gg/k8uGM7MqVJ NettyMC is a simple server. No land claim, no AFK kick. So come and build your heart out, make new friends and join this wonderful community. With cool competitions and challenges giving you the ultimate experience. Feel like joining? Simple click this link to begin ...

886MCPro Creative

This server is the best creative server and probably the best server you will ever join within your life. Freebuild creative with no plots. Join now!!

887Divurzity Network

Divurzity Network is........................................................................................................

888Electron Server

It is a multi-world smp, that is based around a faction's type involvement, the server will also reset every 3 months. Please join with a valid client.


The first Dirt based economy server on Minecraft. Dirtlands is a Minecraft server with guilds, raids, a dirt economy and overall, anarchy. However, Dirtlands isn't fully anarchy, but many aspects of it still remain. Dirtlands is making Minecraft history by the day, and so could you! Dirtlands...

8902b3t (anarchy server)

a anarchy server with hacks allowed and all that like no rules no admin interference (well i make the admin not) have fun! 1.16.5


This page lists the top Minecraft servers! Minecraft is a great single-player game, but playing on a server lets you interact with others. A server is a world that's run from a host computer. It allows you and others to connect to the server and load into any world it creates. There are many types of Minecraft servers. Each serves a different purpose. There are servers that focus on PVP, gathering and crafting, as well as those that have the sole purpose to play mini-games. This server list will help you find the right server for you!

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