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Dropper servers test your reflexes and sometimes luck. Is it possible to survive the fall? Dropper servers ask this question. You're spawned from a platform high above a seemingly endless pit. There will be obsticles along the way. Can you make use of your limited movement to reach the goal at the end? There is only one way to find the answer. Get started now!

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So, this is a fun server to play on, and they even made something called the tallcraft Dropper! It has a ton of other fun things to do, and everyone has fun there! The owner is Tallcraft, but i just added it to the server list for it can attract more players!

659Candy Factory Tycoon

Candy Factory Tycoon is a tycoon server in your own very cool candy factory. You get to get new candy, new Droppers, and more! We hope you join are server and get excited for it! See you soon!


our server is a server with parkour survival Dropper skyblock but it mainly based on survival so come if you want to play


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