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AkumaMC offers a huge diversity of insane Fun which mainly comes from our daily breathtaking events, tons of competition, amazing features and most importantly the rewards. It has a unforgettable Prison experience with thrilling competitive Gang Top which can win you thousands. Create your Gang a...

26one block

this is a amazing server and great community 1 block is one of the Funnest new modded servers this server has econmey pvp pve events and a auction house there is also custom shops and mob grinders


LegendPvP Factions/PvP LegendPvP is a Fun factions/PvP server! We have both plugins and great players to make your time on the server exciting and unique! Our plugins include: McMMO: McMMO is a simple plugin with a large impact; it allows players to rank up their skills, such as swords for greate...


Social community, great gamemodes including: OPFactions, OPSkyBlock, KitMap, HCFactions and Practice. We have an experienced management team which makes everything more Fun for players. We also have a good anticheat which IPbans and active staff members.


Vulengate is a community focused survival server where Keep Inventory is enabled and griefing/raiding is strictly prohibited. The economy is community driven, with a variety of ways to earn money. You can join jobs, set up shops or list items on the auction house. To enhance the gameplay, we offe...


Minecraft Survival 1.18.1 TulipSurvival is a super chill Minecraft Survival server with quality of life plugins to make your experience better. You can play with your friends, make land claims, create towns, make player warps, buy sell items to others and more..! Here's a few things we offe...


LifeStealMC is a Fun exciting server offering the best LifestealSMP experience. With our fully custom coded core, constant updates frequent community events wars there is no reason to play Lifesteal anywhere else. So What are you waiting for? Come and play on the number 1 LifestealSMP serve...


Box server with Lifesteal! Vote rewards, Giveaways, Keyalls. Very active and Fun community! Join now and welcome home!


KiwiSMP is one of the most community-based server our community is very kind and our staff are always here for you no matter what our servers also bedrock crossplay and we have a ton of game modes without any lag! Server IP: KiwiSMP.Fun Bedrock Port: 19132 Server Are on 1.17.1 OneBlock SkyBlock ...

68Imagine Fun

Welcome to Imagine Fun. The most realistic Disneyland in Anaheim recreation you can possibly imagine. Tons of players and tons of items to collect and trade! Come try out all of the rides and meet new friends.


Ragnarok is an Indian Minecraft server that contains various Fun minigames like BedWars, KitPvp, TNTRun and much more along with the modern MMO-RPG style survival world. We are trying to make Ragnarok the best Indian Minecraft server. This server is compatible with Java and cracked players. Join ...


MelonSMP community is very kind and our staff are always here for you no matter what our servers also bedrock crossplay and we have a ton of game modes without any lag! Server Are on [1.8 - 1.17] SurivivalSMP A peaceful place for you and your friends to have Fun and vibe


Come and join this wonderful minecraft survival server it is a vanilla 1.16.4 survivql server so no modpacks you can always use resoursepacks and make Fun (Be kind to other players and Do not grief)


Welcome to FPCraft! We offer Survival and Skyblock servers and have a wonderful community. Everyone here has been quite Fun to be with, and we are looking for new friends to join us! We have worked hard to build our Survival server to expand on the core Minecraft gameplay. We have custom plugins ...

105Minemu Network

Para los usuarios de mvil o PC, la ip es Minecraft Crossplay en PC, PS4, XBOX Y PC (SIGUE FunCIONANDO CON LA NETHER UPDATE) IP: DNS: Ya sabis, a disfrutar!


A minecraft server for people wanting to have some Fun. Simple yet efficient. Open to new plugins and ideas. Looking for good people


The server is created by the owner Ola and her friendly staff. The server is a faction server, which means all in for griefing and raiding. Go nuts! Have Fun! We would love to hear your guys suggestions, as well as general feedback! We are looking to expand our community to give the players a bet...


Welcome on AmberstoneDream ! Our Minecraft community gathers several universes, offering a large diversity of themes and gameplays. We have 4 different parts : - A creative server, with a lot of different worlds and architectural styles (traditional, modern, medieval...) - A survival/ RP server w...


Koridai is a small survival server that started in September 2014. It was originally an offline-mode vanilla server with no extra plugins except a few basic commands. It grew a small community and somehow got a few more members over time. Today, Koridai has grown with Functionality and users. It ...

133The Meeptastic Network

Come join the Meeptastic Network! We have plenty of Fun things to do and we are a friendly community! Update 2/7/16 Made a Build Battle arena in the creative plots world! Update 2/8/16 Added script in server so the server is always running! - maximillianX come join today with:

134ithinkroks minecraft s...

A 24/7 server that offers factions, money and a Fun way to play with your friends! Come and use are huge shops with lots of things to buy. Work as a team or on your own with the use of factions! Are server also has different (old) worlds that you can look at. See what old players, and current, ha...


Kaboom is more than your regular free OP server for Minecraft. This public multiplayer server combines free OP with anarchy. Use powerful operator commands as much as you like, without having to worry about rules. Fun and useful plugins such as WorldEdit, CommandSpy and PlayerParticles are availa...


FunDaily 1.8-1.12 =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ MurderMystery - - BedWars - ! PVP


Skyblock, Survival more. A community server with frequent updates, active staff, and a donkey named Blue. Skyblock - upgrade your generator, build greenhouses, fight in the PVP arena with custom enchants, trade in the auction house and complete a huge number of custom challenges. With McMMO, Ad...


Upcoming Minecraft network for you and your friend to come and play on. With frequent minigame events & the ongoing development of our servers, you are bound to have Fun. If you have any suggestions come share with us and help us develop our network.


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