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Servers that use server-side mods are called modded servers. Most server side mods are compatible with your client. Modded servers may offer custom resource packs. However, you should only download them from trusted servers. Otherwise, you might not be enjoying your time.

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29one blockone block

one block, Modded server: this is a amazing server and great community 1 block is one of the funnest new modded servers this server has econmey pvp pve events and a auction house there is also custom shops and mob grinders


EdenMine, Modded server: We host gamemodes Skyblock Vanilla Creative Modded And Minigames: Paintball Mlg rush Bedwars KitPvP

109Kinetic NetworkKinetic Network

Kinetic Network, Modded server: Thanks for checking out our page. The Kinetic Network has been around for over 4 years hosting our own custom-built modpacks. In 2021 we also started to offer FTB and Curse modpacks alongside our own. We have modded...

139TNP Limitless Lite Sem...TNP Limitless Lite Semi-Official Server

TNP Limitless Lite Semi-Official Server, Modded server: Welcome to the TNP Limitless Family! Me Joel (TeuFox), OptiSar, and our pack creator Gbergz want to invite you to a lighter and more palletable modded play through. We have an active and live...


Valcraft, Modded server: We are a small server that would like to expand, with our awesome gametypes and family friend environment. When you get on you do have to read some rules and accept them before you can start playing. Gametypes: - Prison - ...


Minetale, Modded server: The most powerful Minecraft experience. Survival, modded survival, minigames, and much more! Minetale is where creativity transcends. Become an early tester today!

304Hyper Violent Custom M...Hyper Violent Custom ModPack Server

Hyper Violent Custom ModPack Server, Modded server: Download the modpack at: The Hyper Violent Pack is meant to be complete destruction, pvp madness. With the philosophy of it being, if everyone is op then it is balanced again...

362Ilu Ambar - Quenta ArdaIlu Ambar - Quenta Arda

Ilu Ambar - Quenta Arda, Modded server: A LOTRmodded minecraft server providing a gameplay environment aimed at long-term immersive roleplay survival, with focus on custom in-character roleplay, building, PvE and consented PvP, for a mature player...


SMP, Modded server: Hi we are a small community hoping to grow so come join us! We have SMP survival and MODDED crazy craft 3. so play with us and have fun!!!

525Darkness WithinDarkness Within

Darkness Within, Modded server: Hello! We are a private server that newly became semi-private. This is a 1.7.10 modded server with over 200 mods with a 1:1500 scale Earth map with many more maps to come. (You need a good computer with modern parts...

534NineYards Flan ServerNineYards Flan Server

NineYards Flan Server, Modded server: This is the NineYards Flans server. Join us at We currently offer shops, factions modded experience, and a wonderful community. Events and minigames are plentiful. With Duncs, Hardc...

535Imbox MCImbox MC

Imbox MC, Modded server: Imbox MC has been operating for 4+ years and is coming from Minecraft realm. We are dedicated to optimizing a real vanilla experience for players that have had enough with modded servers and toxicity. This server is with a...

574Paradise Island MCParadise Island MC

Paradise Island MC, Modded server: Paradise Island is a Roleplay & Nationbuilding Vanilla SMP server and Skyblock/Prison/Modded network! More features everyday!

647Andromeda NetworkAndromeda Network

Andromeda Network, Modded server: Andromeda Network is a collection of both modded and non-modded Minecraft servers! We are a small, growing community of players who have been together since 2013! Come join us today! We offer 24/7 servers with lit...


AncientRPG, Modded server: A modded mmorpg server based on the anime show, Sword Art Online. The server features guilds/guild wars, grinding, quests, professions, custom items, mobs, and bosses, and MUCH more! Server version 1.12.2 Discord: https:...


Faerowyn, Modded server: Faerowyn is a modded server downloadable on the technic launcher, and the server comes with it! The modpack and server have a medieval fantasy theme with things like, dragons, gorgons, druidry, new structures, and more. Co...

918Dynamic WarfareDynamic Warfare

Dynamic Warfare, Modded server: Inspired by Voltz, Dynamic Warfare incorporates all of your favorite mods (like AE2, ICBM, Modular Powersuits, etc.) into one official modded factions server. Unlike the original Voltz modpack, Dynamic Warfare is on...


Vialis, Modded server: Hi! Vialis is a sci-fi/fantasy modded server, so we have our own modpack on Technic. The name of the Technic modpack is also Vialis. We have lore for the server and roleplay from time to time, but you can also just play in s...

1085GenZC - Minecraft ServerGenZC - Minecraft Server

GenZC - Minecraft Server, Modded server: GenZC DDSS - Minecraft Server , Dungeon Dragons and Space Shuttles.. modded server for modded times hvfdsyfaerhfeionv uerhwufhsd fauefhudhsf aufuefusefhsudfh efiufhdsuahef

1166Gearhex MCGearhex MC

Gearhex MC, Modded server: A server you will love, with features for all: Gearhex MC is a unique and friendly 24/7 community server network for Minecraft: Java Edition, featuring Survival Adventure with quests, RPG, No Griefing with land-claim, su...

1173Cryptic Cloud MCCryptic Cloud MC

Cryptic Cloud MC, Modded server: If you want a chill 1.18.2 server with active staff, active development, and a super generous community, you found it. Modded has Land Claiming, McMMO, Custom Enchants, Cosmetics, Chat Games, Shop, Inventory Pets, ...

1327Age of ChaosAge of Chaos

Age of Chaos, Modded server: Welcome to the Age of Chaos! We are a brand new modded Minecraft server, using the Lord of the Rings mod! Our unique server incorporates not only this amazing mod, but features varying levels of Role-play, a custom cha...


Wizarnia, Modded server: We're a modded Minecraft server. Join our Discord for more info Required mods: (website is our modpack) Electroblob's Wizardry - Baubles - Antique Atlas - Sit - Better Swimming - Collective - End Reborn - Ice And F...

1398Quasar OnlineQuasar Online

Quasar Online, Modded server: RULES 1. No Griefing 2. NO DUPING 2a. No Hacking or modded Clients 3. No Xray 4. No trying to bypass plugin defaults 4a. No trying to exploit plugins! 5. No bullying, hate speech, harassment, or anything that makes an...

1454TSL GamingTSL Gaming

TSL Gaming, Modded server: This modded server is public and running the modpack All The Mods 6 ATM6 v1.5.5 Modpack: Currently, we have a smaller community as we just launched! We hope yo...


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