Pixelmon Minecraft Servers

Pixelmon Minecraft Servers combine the beloved world of Pokémon with the creative and immersive gameplay of Minecraft. These servers allow players to embark on an exciting adventure where they can catch, train, and battle Pokémon within the Minecraft universe. If you've ever dreamt of becoming a Pokémon Trainer, then Pixelmon Minecraft Servers are the perfect place to live out your Pokémon journey.

Pixelmon Minecraft Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status
8BVR Pixelmon

BVR Pixelmon: Embark on an Epic Pokemon Journey!Welcome to BVR Pixelmon, the ultimate Minecraft server for all Pokemon enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in the world of Pixelmon Reforged, the most recent and exciting Pixelmon modpack. With our dedicated server running on Minecraft 1.12.2, get ready t...


Welcome to the FadeCloud Network, where the world of Minecraft comes alive with an array of custom and unique experiences!Dive into our immersive and thrilling gameplay across multiple game modes. Are you ready to experience the thrill of the prison life, where every decision you make determines ...


Welcome to PokeSaga, the ultimate Pokemon adventure in the world of Minecraft! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with Pokemon battles, exploration, and endless possibilities.Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Pixelmon Reforged v8.3.6, where you can encounter and capture ...


Welcome to ObliqueMC, where the adventure begins and the possibilities are limitless! We're not your average Minecraft server, and we take pride in offering an exceptional gameplay experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Here's what makes ObliqueMC stand out:📚 [PokeDex Rank] - Embrace t...

48Pixelmon Reforged by C...

Welcome to Pixelmon Reforged by CraftersLand, the ultimate destination for Pokémon trainers and Minecraft enthusiasts alike! Immerse yourself in a world where the Pokémon universe meets the vast landscapes of Minecraft. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with adven...


Welcome to Pikacore, a server crafted for seasoned Pixelmon players seeking a more immersive and challenging experience. Step into a world where the journey is arduous, the stakes are high, and the rewards are truly satisfying. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure?At Pikacore, ...

149Minemu Network

¡Bienvenidos a Minemu Network!En Minemu Network, hemos creado un espacio de juego para que los usuarios de PC, PS4, Xbox y dispositivos móviles puedan disfrutar juntos de la experiencia de Minecraft. ¡La diversión y la aventura no tienen fronteras!Nuestro servidor es com...


Welcome to PixelForces, the ultimate Pixelmon Reforged server! Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Pokémon as you embark on an extraordinary adventure filled with excitement and challenges.Our server boasts a unique Tower Challenge system that will test your skills and offer fanta...

160MirageCraft Pixelmon R...

Embark on a thrilling adventure where the worlds of Pokémon and Minecraft collide at MirageCraft Pixelmon Reforged. Immerse yourself in a vast and captivating realm, filled with custom features and a vibrant community. With an array of enticing elements and a dedicated staff team, MirageCr...

232Nightshade Pixelmon

Embark on an Epic Journey in Nightshade Pixelmon!Welcome to Nightshade Pixelmon, a thrilling survival Pixelmon server that promises an immersive and unforgettable experience. As you step into our world, you'll be greeted by a dedicated group of staff members who are passionate about creating a vi...


Welcome to VolcCraft, a thrilling world where Pixelmon Reforged [8.3.4] awaits you! Immerse yourself in the exciting realm of Pokémon and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with adventure, competition, and camaraderie.At VolcCraft, we strive to provide an immersive and dynamic Pixel...


Welcome to MsYPixelmon, the ultimate Pixelmon server experience!Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure in the world of Pokémon, brought to life like never before. We pride ourselves on being the best up-and-coming Pixelmon server, and we need your help to solidify our vision of wh...


Welcome to PokeGenesis, the ultimate Pixelmon Reforged server that is packed with exciting features and endless adventures!Prepare yourself for an immersive Pixelmon experience like never before. Our brand-new server is carefully crafted to provide a thrilling and feature-packed journey in the wo...


Welcome, trainers, to the exciting world of PokeMaster! Get ready to embark on a thrilling Pixelmon adventure like never before, right here in Spanish!Discover a server filled with captivating features and endless possibilities. With x3 Pokemon spawn rates, your journey to catch 'em all will be e...


Welcome to PokeMC, the ultimate destination for Pokemon enthusiasts and Minecraft adventurers alike! Celebrating our 8th Anniversary, we're thrilled to announce an extraordinary giveaway where you can win incredible prizes, including a Nintendo Switch! Join us on Discord for your chance to claim ...


Welcome, Adventurer!Embark on an exciting Pixelmon journey like no other at PhoenixBlazing! Whether you're seeking competitive battles or just looking for some fun, our server is the perfect destination for you. Join our vibrant community and experience the thrill of Pixelmon with fellow trainers...

495Poke Meadows

Welcome to Poke Meadows, the ultimate destination for all Pokémon and Minecraft enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in the #1 Pixelmon Experience and join our amazing and welcoming community.At Poke Meadows, we offer an extensive range of exciting features and game modes to cater to every player...


Welcome to Bulbaland, the ultimate destination for all Pokémon enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Pixelmon Generations, the latest version of this beloved mod. We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly server, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for players o...


Welcome to GamesAndGames (GAGS), the ultimate destination for Minecraft gaming enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey filled with excitement, adventure, and endless fun.At GamesAndGames, we believe that actions speak louder than words. While our previous description may have...


Welcome to Colosseumon, the ultimate destination for Pokémon trainers and enthusiasts alike! Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Pixelmon Reforged ModPack, where adventure awaits at every turn.Embark on your journey with a unique twist as you begin with Shiny Starters, setting you a...

644Pixelmon Adventures

Welcome to Pixelmon Adventures!Join us on an epic journey in the world of Pixelmon, where trainers come together to embark on thrilling adventures and create unforgettable memories. Pixelmon Adventures is not just a server, but a community of friends who share a passion for Pokémon and the...

675silly pixelmon

Welcome to Silly Pixelmon - Where Adventures Await!Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey in the world of Pixelmon? Look no further, because Silly Pixelmon is here to provide you with a thrilling and immersive Pokémon experience like no other!Unleash Your Inner Trainer: Silly Pixel...


Welcome to SparkPrison - Where Adventure Meets Incarceration!Once known as an exhilarating Pixelmon server, SparkPrison has now transformed into an immersive Prison experience that will keep you captivated for hours on end. Prepare to be thrust into a world of excitement, strategy, and intense co...


Here are some key features and highlights of playing on Pixelmon Minecraft Servers:

  1. Pokémon in Minecraft: Pixelmon introduces a vast array of Pokémon into the Minecraft world, allowing players to encounter and capture their favorite Pokémon species. These Pokémon have their unique abilities, characteristics, and even shiny variants. You can explore the Minecraft landscape and encounter wild Pokémon, just like in the original Pokémon games.

  2. Catch and Train Pokémon: Pixelmon servers replicate the capturing and training mechanics of the Pokémon games. You can throw Poké Balls to capture wild Pokémon, build a team of diverse Pokémon species, and train them to become powerful fighters. Level up your Pokémon, teach them new moves, and evolve them into stronger forms as you progress on your journey.

  3. Pokémon Battles: Engage in thrilling Pokémon battles with other players or computer-controlled trainers. Test your Pokémon team's strength, strategy, and movesets in intense battles. Pixelmon servers often include gym leaders, elite trainers, and even special event battles that challenge you to prove your skills and earn badges or rewards.

  4. Exploration and Quests: Pixelmon Minecraft Servers offer vast worlds to explore, filled with Pokémon habitats, towns, landmarks, and hidden treasures. Some servers feature custom-built regions inspired by the Pokémon games, complete with unique quests and storylines. Embark on epic quests, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets as you travel across the Minecraft-Pokémon hybrid universe.

  5. Multiplayer Community: Pixelmon servers attract a vibrant community of Pokémon enthusiasts and Minecraft players. You can interact with other trainers, trade Pokémon, collaborate on building projects, and join tournaments or events. Engage in friendly competitions or form alliances with fellow trainers to enhance your gameplay experience.

  6. Customization and Challenges: Many Pixelmon servers offer additional plugins or modifications that enhance the gameplay experience. These can include features like player-run shops, custom crafting recipes, or special events. Some servers also introduce unique challenges, such as Pokémon gyms, PvP arenas, or even Pokémon-themed minigames, adding an extra layer of excitement to your adventure.

When joining a Pixelmon server, it's important to ensure that you have the Pixelmon mod installed. Pixelmon servers often provide clear instructions on how to download and install the mod to join their server. Make sure to follow the server's rules and guidelines to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Overall, Pixelmon Minecraft Servers offer an incredible fusion of the Pokémon world and the sandbox gameplay of Minecraft. With the ability to catch, train, and battle Pokémon in a Minecraft setting, these servers provide an immersive and thrilling experience for Pokémon fans. So, grab your Poké Balls, explore the Minecraft world, and become the ultimate Pokémon Trainer in the enchanting realm of Pixelmon Minecraft Servers!