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* GhastLegion * GhastLegion is a unique factions server with a great community, awesome PvP and a great community. Our server is up to date and gives every saturday at 21:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours). There are also regularly held events. We hope to see you on our server!


Rawsteal is a fun a unique server network, is has multiple game modes such as a lifesteal server, prison server and a box server. And a large amount of new game modes to come!


This is a factions server with custom shop keepers that have awesome trades and is a friendly environment. You should totally join tho, if your cool that is. ( )


Vanellea is a chill vanilla survival server to hangout with friends and just have a good time. We have friendly staff who are here to ensure you and other players safety. Join us today if you wish to just relax and play some good old Minecraft together.


FactorZero is a freely hosted server by Minehut. An SMP factions from nations to choose from! Or create your own.. Raid different countries and factions, get all the goodies from your enemy factions! Make a team of your own and become the best faction out of FactorZero! Or make a team to go on ex...

65Gun PVP MC

Gun PVP MC is a Minecraft server based around guns! You can form gangs, and kill other players with unique items!

75Cosmic PvP

A spage-age version of "Minecraft Factions" with: * 150+ Custom Enchantments * Custom Boss Mobs * World Events * Outposts * Challenges * KOTH * Cosmic Envoys * Multiple Galaxies to Explore * 400 Slot Planets * 3+ years of 99.99% uptime * Custom Client Become a Cosmonaut and conquer the ...


1.18 MAP! Arcadia is a 1.18 Semi-Vanilla, Semi-Anarchy server! (NO HACKING) | PVP Raiding | NO LAND CLAIMING | NO GRIEF PREVENTION | Arcadia is a well-known Semi-Vanilla, Semi-Anarchy Minecraft server that has existed for six years when we went under a different name and still exists to this da...


Instinct SMP is a Minecraft survival server where you are allowed to grief and raid bases, whilst hacking and cheating aren't allowed. Check us out today! :)


LifeStealMC is a fun exciting server offering the best LifestealSMP experience. With our fully custom coded core, constant updates frequent community events wars there is no reason to play Lifesteal anywhere else. So What are you waiting for? Come and play on the number 1 LifestealSMP serve...


Vulengate is a community focused survival server where Keep Inventory is enabled and griefing/Raiding is strictly prohibited. The economy is community driven, with a variety of ways to earn money. You can join jobs, set up shops or list items on the auction house. To enhance the gameplay, we offe...


MCDrugs is a drug server where you grow and sell drugs while avoiding the police that try to get your stash to sell it for themselves. We have factions, guns, bounties and obsidian breaker.


NoBanMc is a no-rules server thats on hard difficulty with buffed mobs. Getting banned in this server is impossible hence the name NO BAN MC. There are commands available for use to fully maximize your player experience. In addition to a Free Rank and 32k weapons given out on start. /Upgrade to e...


Minewind is a next generation survival server with MMORPG elements, designed to run the latest Minecraft version without any server-side lag. For more information visit


IP Website Discord Pikacore is a server meant for more advanced Pixelmon players. It features a more challenging gameplay than your average Pixelmon server with slower leveling, item lose on death and no easy tr...


Havencraft is a survival community with a strong focus on exploration, community, and passionately bringing you the best of what Minecraft has to offer. We are a semi-vanilla family-friendly community with amazing staff who work our hardest to bring you the best experience possible! Everyone is w...


MelonSMP community is very kind and our staff are always here for you no matter what our servers also bedrock crossplay and we have a ton of game modes without any lag! Server Are on [1.8 - 1.17] SurivivalSMP A peaceful place for you and your friends to have fun and vibe


I don`t now own this server! This server has 4 diffrent types of server (lol) Bending Main (survival) Creative Skyblock


This server features unique gamemodes such as capture the wool and destroy the monument. We are a growing server and are becoming more popular by the day. This server is 1.9 - 1.11

149Vyzon Network

We are an awesome 24/7 network that runs on custom plugins. We have one of the best infrastructures the minecraft community has ever seen. CowManSeth


Thank you for being interested in the PhanaticMC Network! There are many fun things for you to do here, so connect to and check us out! Gamemodes include: skyblock - skygrid - factions - creative - minigames - dropper - survival - pvp - capture the flag - skywars - avatar bending


4 builders 4 tools, known for being one of 2b2t's clones. Owned by jj20051, also the owner of 4b4t is a 1.13.2 anarchy server with a decent community, even if it is small. ----------------------------------------------------- IP: Discord: ---------...

172Moonbyte Pure anarchy ...

This server is a new completely Vanilla anarchy server. This server doesn't have any extra plugins or admins on the server. In fact, not even the owner of the server is op. This server is completely new and if we get a decent community, I'll actually start putting in work. But for now, th...


Our server offers: Survival 1.18 Bedwars 1.8 Knockback FFA 1.8 Creative 1.16.5 Each Server offers unique features!


BygonePvP - A fun filled factions experience with new features added frequently! Some Features: No-Lag Factions Emerald Shop Custom plugins 1.8-1.16 mcMMO Rankup


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