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JBG Survival
Checked20 minutes ago
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom

JBG Survival

A basic survival server. Enjoy true 1.14 Minecraft. The server is running 1.14, you join with 1.14, and you play 1.14.

Please join the discord linked to recieve updates on events and changes to the server in advance.

With EssentialsX, all your favourite commands, such as /tpa and /home are available for you to enjoy. In addition, you can use GriefPrevention to protect your builds from enemies.

There are a small number of kits available to help you start, you should try /kit tools, and /kit claimtools, once you start.

PVP is disabled within the overworld due to issues with people attacking new players, however you are free to duel in both the nether and the end.

KeepInventory is on, to help maintain the ultra-casual aesthetic of the server.


What is the IP for JBG Survival server?

The IP for JBG Survival Minecraft server is You can copy IP address, find Discord server, website and more information in the server overview section.

How can join JBG Survival server?

First you need to open your Minecraft Launcher, then click the "Play" button and then select "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

At that point you can click "Add Server", paste the text in "Server Address" box, then hit "Done". You can copy server IP from this page.

Then after a second your server should turn green (it can take a few seconds for client to ping the server), and you can join it by clicking on "Join Server" button to play on JBG Survival.

Which Mineraft version does JBG Survival support?

JBG Survival currently supports Minecraft 1.12.2, some servers support multiple client versions, but it's always good idea to match your Minecraft versions with server version..

Where is JBG Survival server located?

The JBG Survival Minecraft server is currently being hosted in United Kingdom, was last checked just 20 minutes ago and has a excellent connection.

Which Game Modes are available on JBG Survival

On JBG Survival Minecraft server you can play the following gamemodes: Survival, Vanilla, PvP, Events....