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Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore
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Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore

Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore

Just like the title sounds, this is a semi-vanilla hardcore server that gives players three opportunities to survive. Once those are gone, the player is banned...


This ain't no pay-to-play buy your lives back kind of place. Experienced Players can give struggling players more lives... or you can use in game currency to potentially buy another life (for a ludicrously high price!).

We don't allow clients and coordinates are off. Spawn into an infinite wilderness of large biome goodness and try and survive. To help you on your journey, Aurelium Skills is active, as are Silk Spawners. Mobs occasionally drop eggs and heads.

No cheating, x-ray, or hacking. We also encourage a respectful environment in the chat, even if players are out lobbing each others heads off.

Griefing, PVP and Looting are fair game.

Good luck out there, you may need it.

What is the IP for Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore server?

The IP for Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore Minecraft server is You can copy IP address, find Discord server, website and more information in the server overview section.

How can join Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore server?

First you need to open your Minecraft Launcher, then click the "Play" button and then select "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

At that point you can click "Add Server", paste the text in "Server Address" box, then hit "Done". You can copy server IP from this page.

Then after a second your server should turn green (it can take a few seconds for client to ping the server), and you can join it by clicking on "Join Server" button to play on Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore.

Which Mineraft version does Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore support?

Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore currently supports Minecraft 1.18.1, some servers support multiple client versions, but it's always good idea to match your Minecraft versions with server version..

Where is Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore server located?

The Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore Minecraft server is currently being hosted in Canada, was last checked just 25 minutes ago and has a excellent connection.

Which Game Modes are available on Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore

On Three Strike Minecraft Hardcore Minecraft server you can play the following gamemodes: Hardcore, PvP, Survival, Vanilla....