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KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction
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CountryUnited Kingdom

KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction

KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction

Welcome To KaosCraft, We have been running servers since Feb 2012, weve had a great result from running these server, so now weve thought why not make KaosCraft bigger! So we have, We have upgraded to a "Hub" server with 16GB ram! We are now running 4 servers!

Kaoscraft is known for our towny server! Our towny server is a friendly server with no pvp, Weve got different kind of plugins what makes the server fun aswell there are different ways to earn money in this server, You can earn money by Killing mobs, Selling items, Using the auction. You can also donate to earn amazing perks like /fly and /gamemode 1

Our Faction server is a fun server which has pvp. weve got amazing plugins to make the raiding alot more better and the pvp-ing alot more funer! Weve got a Anti-Logger plugin so if someone logs out there npc is there for 5 seconds and they disapear. Aswell we make the raiding better by letting you destroy obsidian with 3 tnt!

Our Creative server is a fun server, weve got a plugin that generates plots, The plots are all protected to no one can grief your designs! All normal players have one plot but if your a VIP you get unlimted plots! The plots are 64x64!

Our RPG server is a Role Playing Server, There are towns in this server but aswell there are Quests and God, You basically take a role in this server and then you just act your role in the server!

What is the IP for KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction server?

The IP for KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction Minecraft server is mc.kaoscraft.co.uk. You can copy IP address, find Discord server, website and more information in the server overview section.

How can join KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction server?

First you need to open your Minecraft Launcher, then click the "Play" button and then select "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

At that point you can click "Add Server", paste the text mc.kaoscraft.co.uk in "Server Address" box, then hit "Done". You can copy server IP from this page.

Then after a second your server should turn green (it can take a few seconds for client to ping the server), and you can join it by clicking on "Join Server" button to play on KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction.

There is 1 player playing KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction right now.

Which Mineraft version does KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction support?

KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction currently supports Minecraft 1.18.1, some servers support multiple client versions, but it's always good idea to match your Minecraft versions with server version..

Where is KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction server located?

The KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction Minecraft server is currently being hosted in United Kingdom, was last checked just 26 minutes ago and has a excellent connection.

Which Game Modes are available on KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction

On KaosCraft - Hub - Towny - Faction Minecraft server you can play the following gamemodes: Creative, Economy, Factions, Roleplay, Towny, Raiding, PvP, Fun....