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CountryUnited States

Welcome to Minetown!

Are you tired of servers that prioritize pay-to-win mechanics over a friendly and laid-back community? Do you long for a server that focuses on the core aspects of survival and economy, rather than overwhelming you with an abundance of minigames? Look no further than Minetown at MT.GG! We warmly welcome both Java and Bedrock players.

Minetown has been dedicated to providing an exceptional player experience since 2010, making us one of the oldest servers in the Minecraft community. Our network offers a diverse range of gameplay options, including Survival/Economy, Vanilla, Skyblock, and Creative. We also host regular UHC and minigames with in-game and cosmetic prizes, adding excitement and variety to your adventures!

At Minetown, we believe in giving players the freedom to shape their own journey and play the game their way. Join our active and welcoming community, composed of players from all corners of the globe, and embark on a thrilling exploration of endless possibilities. From punching trees to building magnificent structures, your imagination knows no bounds!

Here's a glimpse into our server worlds:

Main: Our long-term survival economy world is the heart of Minetown. It boasts a non-reset schedule and provides essential features such as claim protections, teleports, kits, and much more. Enjoy a casual atmosphere where raiding and griefing are strictly prohibited. The economy revolves around player-run shops and cities, allowing shop owners to set their own prices and granting every player an equal opportunity to thrive.

Skyblock: Experience a unique twist on the classic Skyblock gameplay. With custom challenges and a meticulously balanced advancement and leveling system, you can choose from three island types and play solo or participate in the economy by gathering resources. Unlock various blocks and spawners, but remember, everything comes at a price.

Creative: Unleash your creativity in our Creative world. Test your farming skills, showcase your awe-inspiring builds, or construct a bustling city on natural terrain. If you prefer a blank canvas, our Plot world awaits, offering a flat and cleared area with convenient access to WorldEdit. Whatever your creative style may be, we have the perfect environment for you.

Vanilla: For those seeking a challenging experience, our Vanilla world awaits. With no teleports, homes, kits, or unnecessary plugins, this hardmode server is designed for players who crave a true test of their survival skills. PvP, raiding, and griefing are all allowed, so choose your battles wisely. Minimal land claiming, player-built infrastructure, and an item-based economy make this world a thrilling and unpredictable place. Brace yourself for a fresh start each year as the server resets to keep the adventure ever-evolving. Align yourself as a villain, venture solo, or form alliances—it's all up to you!

Join us at Minetown, where the focus is on building a welcoming community, promoting fair gameplay, and delivering an exceptional Minecraft experience. Discover the true essence of survival and economy without the barriers of pay-to-win mechanics. We can't wait to embark on this exciting journey with you!

Minetown Statistics

Where can I find the IP address for the Minetown Minecraft server?

To find the IP address for the Minetown Minecraft server, you can typically locate it in the server info section, usually positioned in the top left corner of the server's website or server listing. Within this section, you'll be able to copy the server address. Additionally, you might also find other useful information such as the Discord server, website, and more.

How do I join and play on the Minetown Minecraft server?

To join and play on the Minetown Minecraft server, begin by opening your Minecraft Launcher. Once opened, click the "Play" button to access the game menu. From there, select the "Multiplayer" option.

Next, click the "Add Server" button, which will allow you to input the server address (mt.gg). Paste the server address into the designated "Server Address" input field, and then click "Done" to save the server information.

Once the server connection turns green, you're ready to join and start playing on the Minetown server. Simply click the "Join Server" button, and you'll be connected to the server to begin your Minecraft adventure.

Which Minecraft version is supported on the Minetown server?

The Minetown server supports Minecraft version 1.17. While it is possible to attempt joining with a different Minecraft version, it is recommended to use the 1.17 Minecraft client version for optimal compatibility and the best gameplay experience.