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Quasar Online
Checked12 minutes ago
CountryUnited States

Quasar Online

1. No Griefing
2a. No Hacking or modded Clients
3. No Xray
4. No trying to bypass plugin defaults
4a. No trying to exploit plugins!
5. No bullying, hate speech, harassment, or anything that makes another player uncomfortable in general.
6. If an area is unclaimed, it is fair game. You can raid chests in unclaimed areas.
6a. you may not grief a build if it is unclaimed, you can only improve it. or restore the landscape if you remove it.
7. This is a mature server. Keep the cursing to a minimum. you wont be punished unless it violates rule 2 or gets out of hand.
8. Player traps are allowed in your own claim ONLY. if the area is unclaimed, traps are not allowed.
9. NO claim crowding. if someone has a claim and you claim the area directly next to them without their permission, that is considered claim crowding. (claims are removed after 3 months of inactivity unless your a donator)

What is the IP for Quasar Online server?

The IP for Quasar Online Minecraft server is You can copy IP address, find Discord server, website and more information in the server overview section.

How can join Quasar Online server?

First you need to open your Minecraft Launcher, then click the "Play" button and then select "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

At that point you can click "Add Server", paste the text in "Server Address" box, then hit "Done". You can copy server IP from this page.

Then after a second your server should turn green (it can take a few seconds for client to ping the server), and you can join it by clicking on "Join Server" button to play on Quasar Online.

Which Mineraft version does Quasar Online support?

Quasar Online currently supports Minecraft 1.18.1, some servers support multiple client versions, but it's always good idea to match your Minecraft versions with server version..

Where is Quasar Online server located?

The Quasar Online Minecraft server is currently being hosted in United States, was last checked just 12 minutes ago and has a excellent connection.

Which Game Modes are available on Quasar Online

On Quasar Online Minecraft server you can play the following gamemodes: Economy, McMMO, Survival, Modded....