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Hello!! This Is the Cac SMP Here We Have Multiple Things You Can Do 1. Jobs 2. kill Your Friends :) 3. Have fun in our awesome Hub 4. Daily Rewards. 5. Survival OFC 6. Parkour 7. Hide&seek 8. spleef We hope you have fun and have a Great Time!!!!!

46Hmmmm Survival SMP

In this server, you can play normal SMP with your friends. Here in the spawn is where demdem551 lives and your can go to the open world by clicking on a button. We hope you have fun in this world.


FactorZero is a freely hosted server by Minehut. An SMP factions from nations to choose from! Or create your own.. Raid different countries and factions, get all the goodies from your enemy factions! Make a team of your own and become the best faction out of FactorZero! Or make a team to go on ex...


OogaOoga is a SMP vanilla survival server with ranks kits and much more. we have a friendly community and lots of staff to make sure everything in the server is going well. Have fun!


This is a fun an vannila Survival server with some plugins We use minehut for our server so don't really expect much If you join the server and get sent to the fallback server then type join PhlHerbSMP and wait a while and then do it again and you will be sent to the server If you join the se...

63Hellusk SMP

welcome to hellusk SMP! This is a faction like server, what i mean by that is that there is jobs, money, you can sell your stuff, you can buy stuff from others, there is skills, and much more!


PlayFuse PlayFuse is a server focus on quality. We currently provide Three gamemodes, SkyBlock, our latest gamemode. SMP that we have had for over two years and the newly opened Creative All the gamemodes have been well thought out, are balanced and theres a ton of features to play with, such as ...


The OG Network is a minecraft server dedicated to reviving the old style minecraft experience. We are not pay2win, and focus on the player rather than money. We currently have survival games and an SMP on our server, both with many features that have not been seen in years. Come check us out!


LifeStealMC is a fun exciting server offering the best LifestealSMP experience. With our fully custom coded core, constant updates frequent community events wars there is no reason to play Lifesteal anywhere else. So What are you waiting for? Come and play on the number 1 LifestealSMP serve...


this server is anmes acentra but before it use to be called galaxy realms SMP i use to own it i am a mod for it now i sold it for $20,000 pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy


Instinct SMP is a Minecraft survival server where you are allowed to grief and raid bases, whilst hacking and cheating aren't allowed. Check us out today! :)


A remarkable server experience featuring trending game-modes such as Earth SMP, Oneblock, and much more. We pride ourselves on ensuring our players are well taken care of and our community is a non-toxic friendly place. Valatic game-modes are loaded with unique features as well as a lag free expe...


MelonSMP community is very kind and our staff are always here for you no matter what our servers also bedrock crossplay and we have a ton of game modes without any lag! Server Are on [1.8 - 1.17] SurivivalSMP A peaceful place for you and your friends to have fun and vibe

152DezoCraft Network

DezoCraft Network We are a small network that has Skyblock, SMPs and more to come soon. Events will happen where you can win prizes too! FREE RANKS! Do /kit hourly every single hour to get crystals! Once you reach a certain amount of crystals you can do /crystals store to view all purchases you c...

171CookieCraft Survival

CookieCraft is a place for everyone who loves vanilla Survival and is looking for a great group of people to play with. This is a great place to make friends fast, as we encourage players to be friendly and not grief. This is a server ran by experienced Minecraft server owners, and is running on ...

211OriginsMC SMP

OriginsMC SMP A semi vanilla SMP server. A fully permanent map. Runs on a dedicated server. Unmetered storage and ram. Virtually no lag. Multiple experienced developers. Custom coded. Building a community of welcome and caring gamers. Now Featuring NPC's, Quests and Daily rewards to be added ...

213Infernal SMP

Looking for a fun SMP to play on with your friends that doesn't get ruined by strict rules or admin abuse? Join Infernal SMP! This is a great SMP for people who want to have fun free of admin abuse/strict rules and for content creators looking to grow their channel. With wars, allies, and mor...


LushSMP is a public 1.17.1 minecraft server open for everyone! The ip is Enjoy the server!

238Runic Realms

Welcome to Runic Realms! This is a full-on fantasy RPG in Minecraft! Don't join this server expecting your typical SMP server with a few changes. This server has been in development for over 20 months, boasting a 6k x 6k fully-custom made map and over 75,000 lines of code to make it truly fee...


DolphinCraft is a unique SMP minecraft server. We have loads of unique features such as: teams, crates, pets, and so much more! We are constantly making updates and we have great support from our staff. We just updated to 1.16, and we are making sure that there are no bugs on our server. We would...


RezzCraft is a new friendly SMP server (Java) utilizing mcMMO, Towny, and many other popular plugins. Our spawn city took around two years to develop and was carefully mapped out for us to grow into as our player-base grows (See Dynmap below). With the recent addition of an auction house, players...


Muspelheim is a Minecraft SMP server with PVP enabled along with Griefing. We are 100% Vanilla other than some custom villagers at spawn and the VanillaTweaks Player Head Drops and Armored Elytra Datapacks. End is disabled but the admins are planning a way to get Elytras. The World is 45k blocks ...


KiwiSMP is one of the most community-based server our community is very kind and our staff are always here for you no matter what our servers also bedrock crossplay and we have a ton of game modes without any lag! Server IP: Bedrock Port: 19132 Server Are on 1.17.1 OneBlock SkyBlock ...

276Hydro Vanilla SMP

Hi and welcome to Hydro Vanilla SMP! We are an 18+, whitelisted Vanilla server that strives to give you the best playing experience there can be! We don't make use of any game altering plugins, just administrative ones for the Staff team. We also make use of Dynmap so you can always see what ...

279Yungs Server Network

Small Minecraft server for you and your friends, this server is completely free and supports no premium Minecraft accounts Available game modes : + SMP + Practice + Bedwars + KFFA + More frequent updates


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