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Find the best Minecraft 1.16.4 servers, all Minecraft servers on this list are sorted by a number of votes and are running Minecraft 1.16.4.

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Welcome to Bruh - the Ultimate Minecraft Experience. We provide all your Minecraft needs from pure survival to creative, with minigames and everything in between!

177Wingnuts Minecraft

Wingnuts Survival is a small, semi-vanilla server who's community has been around for several years. However, this server is just getting started up again after a two year hiatus. Our goal on Wingnuts is to create a welcoming environment that focuses on community, friendship, and creativity. ...


The server is created by the owner Ola and her friendly staff. The server is a faction server, which means all in for griefing and raiding. Go nuts! Have fun! We would love to hear your guys suggestions, as well as general feedback! We are looking to expand our community to give the players a bet...

368Zero Gravity Gaming

Zero Gravity Gaming's Minecraft Server is a world that's designed to have a vanilla feel with a few added extras This is a multi-world environment, where once you've built and mined to your hearts content you can enter a new landscape. A completely different world where it's alway...


OpenWorld is a fun and friendly public survival server. Everything works and all the players are nice. Apart from survival, there are many different mini-games to choose from such as SkyBlock, SkyWars, Hunger Games, BedWars, TNT Run, Racing, Hide and Seek, Parkour, and others. Go look at our webs...

437Frosty MC

FrostyMC is a mainstream Minecraft Towny server with a bunch of custom features. We run a bunch of custom-made plugins so you'll never get bored! You'll find a rank progression system that grants you new perks while climbing the ranks! - MCMMO - Towny - Jobs - Chest Shop - Chest Sort - Au...


IP: ggmc.pl Minecraft Survival + Factions - 1.16.1 [PL] WWW: https://ggmc.pl Sklep: https://ggmc.pl/sklep Teamspeak: ts.ggmc.pl


CapeCraft is a server dedicated to keeping Minecraft's core aspect alive. We are a survival server where you'll be encouraged to work, trade and share with other players. CapeCraft is a survival server with No PVP, No Griefing and No Abuse of any type. We try to keep our server family fri...


IP: play.betoldrealms.com MC Version: 1.12 BetoldRealms is a good server. You can build and upgrade your unique sky realm. - Custom Island Features amp; Spawns - Custom Enchants - GKits - Care Packages - Bosses - Advancements - Custom Enchanting System - Enchantment Dusts - Scrapping + much more...

703The Isle

The Isle is a community hard mode survival++ server. We focus on community and sharing, while also having a difficulty to match what you would expect out of minecraft. We have implemented a lot of fixed and server side management to keep griefers and hackers at bay. Currently we use Population de...


This si a survival minecarft serever that anyone can join. Here are the rules : #1 NO swering #2 NO hacking #3 NO grifeing houses #4 If you have OP do not cheat at all If you break any rule we will tep-ban you once and If you break any rule again we will ban you forever. If you want to come back ...

822Endless Realm

This is a unique factions server that has a cool plugin called slimefun. it adds a large amount of things to do, and we have a mini tutorial in our spawn! our server NEEDS STAFF!!! So come on and we may give it to you!