Minecraft Servers 1.17.1

Uncover a comprehensive compilation of Minecraft servers running on version 1.17.1. Whether you're on the lookout for a server specifically tailored to the 1.17.1 update or eager to explore different versions, this list is an essential resource.

Delve into a wide array of servers and discover the perfect match for your gameplay preferences. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Minecraft version 1.17.1, where you can encounter new biomes, mobs, blocks, and enhanced gameplay features. Embark on thrilling adventures alongside passionate players in the latest Minecraft universe.

Minecraft Servers for Version 1.17.1

Rank Name Server Players Status

Welcome to InstinctSMP!Are you ready to unleash your primal instincts in a thrilling Minecraft survival experience? Look no further! InstinctSMP is the ultimate server where you can embark on a journey of base-griefing, epic raids, and intense battles. However, we have one important rule: hacking...


Welcome to CITYLAND, the ultimate destination for Minecraft enthusiasts seeking an exceptional skypvp experience without the pay-to-win aspect. We pride ourselves on providing a server that prioritizes fair gameplay and equal opportunities for all players.At CITYLAND, we offer a diverse range of ...

63HippOut Central

Welcome to HippOut Central, the ultimate creative building server where imagination knows no bounds. Our mission is to foster a supportive and educational environment that empowers members to unleash their creativity and improve their building skills. If you're seeking a vibrant community that va...

72A #Fortnite Server

Welcome to A #Fortnite Server, where an extraordinary Minecraft experience awaits you! Step into a world of Comfy Vanilla Survival, where nerds with a passion for blocky autism come together to create something truly exceptional.Our server offers a comfortable and immersive survival gameplay expe...


Welcome to Craftsylvania, the ultimate semi-vanilla Minecraft server that offers a truly authentic gameplay experience!Craftsylvania is all about preserving the essence of vanilla Minecraft while providing essential protections through our innovative claims system. Here's what sets us apart:Featu...


Welcome to NationsCraft, an immersive Minecraft server that brings together players from all walks of life to embark on a captivating non-PvP survival towny adventure! Join us and become a part of a vibrant community where you can establish your very own towns and shape the destiny of your nation...

126Mythical Empires Server

Welcome to Mythical Empires Server!Embark on an epic journey in a world of enchantment and adventure. With a wide range of exciting features and a friendly community, Mythical Empires offers a truly immersive Minecraft experience.Create your own path as you delve into the realm of Gems and Money,...

176DWO - Doctor Who Minec...

Welcome to the DWO (Doctor Who Minecraft Server), where adventure awaits beyond the boundaries of time and space. Step into the TARDIS and embark on a journey like no other as you traverse through dimensions, encountering thrilling challenges and exciting destinations.As a dedicated Doctor Who-th...


Welcome to Kaboom, a unique Minecraft server that brings together the best of both worlds: free OP and anarchy! Get ready to unleash your creativity and explore limitless possibilities without the constraints of rules and limitations.At Kaboom, we believe in giving players the freedom to fully em...

185Project Eden

Welcome to Project Eden, the ultimate survival multiplayer experience where your imagination knows no bounds! Prepare to embark on an incredible adventure filled with fresh worlds, a warm and welcoming community, and an array of exciting plugins and features.At Project Eden, we prioritize creatin...


Embark on an unforgettable journey in the immersive world of MapleCraft! As a unique combination of MMORPG and survival gameplay, our server offers endless possibilities and exciting adventures for all players.Craft your own destiny as you delve into the rich MMORPG experience that MapleCraft has...

211Hello miners

Welcome to Hello Miners!Prepare for an Exciting Adventure:Step into a world of thrilling challenges and boundless possibilities. Hello Miners offers a captivating gameplay experience that combines strategy, survival, and the thrill of exploration. Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journ...

215Minecart Rapid Transit

Welcome to the MRT Server, the ultimate destination for city-building and transportation enthusiasts! Since its inception in July 2012, our server has stood as a beacon of creativity and collaboration, attracting players from all walks of life who share a passion for constructing vibrant, dynamic...


Welcome to TownySMP!Immerse yourself in a brand new 1.16.5 survival experience on our server, where we combine the best of semi-vanilla gameplay with RPG elements. Powered by a dedicated machine, we provide a lag-free environment with a polished feel, ensuring you have the ultimate Minecraft adve...

222ShadeCrest Creative

Welcome to ShadeCrest Creative, where imagination knows no bounds!Server IP: mc.shadecrest.comShadeCrest is a vibrant community of Minecraft players who cherish fun, competition, creativity, and diverse gameplay experiences. We believe in the power of collaboration, respect, and support, fosterin...


Welcome to Zero - the ultimate parkour, mazes, and puzzles server!Are you ready to test your skills, push your limits, and embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey? Look no further! Zero offers an unparalleled experience with over 150 levels of mind-bending challenges that will put your parkour, ma...

256Ekstammen - En svensk ...

Welcome to Ekstammen - En svensk server: The Ultimate Swedish Minecraft Experience!Ekstammen is a Swedish Minecraft server crafted by the developers behind the beloved Supermine. Together with our players, we are shaping what we believe to be Sweden's best Minecraft server, where every player has...


Greetings!Step into the exciting world of TheSurgeMC, a cutting-edge Minecraft server currently in beta. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary survival experience, where a competitive economy and towny-based gameplay intertwine with thrilling PvP elements. Join our community today and unlock spec...


Welcome to SPM2301, a thrilling survival server that takes a strong stance against hackers. Our community is built on fairness, integrity, and a commitment to providing an exceptional gameplay experience for all players.At SPM2301, we prioritize creating a secure and enjoyable environment where p...

294Minexus Network

Welcome to the Minexus Network, the ultimate nexus of Minecraft gaming!Experience the best of Minecraft with the Minexus Network, a vibrant community that offers a variety of engaging gamemodes to suit every player's taste. Whether you enjoy the challenges of Survival, the excitement of Prison, t...

332Circenn City

Welcome to Circenn City, where simplicity meets boundless creativity. Step into a realm unlike any other, where the focus is on providing a tranquil environment for players to unwind, explore, and unleash their imaginations without the distractions of games, donations, griefing, or rigid goals.At...

337Croc Java

Welcome to Croc Java, a vibrant branch of the CrocMc server! We're a small but growing vanilla Minecraft community, and we're thrilled to have you join us on this exciting adventure.At Croc Java, we prioritize the essence of pure Minecraft gameplay. Our server offers an authentic vanilla experien...


Welcome to Mohaborey - Unleash Your Minecraft Journey!================Server InfoName: MohaboreyServer IP: mohaborey.aternos.meServer Port: 47589Step into a world of endless possibilities at Mohaborey! Prepare yourself for an immersive Minecraft experience like no other.Embark on a grand adventur...


¡Bienvenido a Minecraft4ever! Somos un servidor de Minecraft en español, disponible las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana. En nuestro servidor, utilizamos Spigot para ampliar la funcionalidad del juego y brindarte una experiencia única.Minecraft4ever ha e...


Welcome to AAsurvival - Anarchist's Adventure!Dive into the thrilling world of anarchy in our 1.14.1 Minecraft server. AAsurvival offers a unique experience where chaos reigns and the possibilities are limitless. With no resets, you can rest assured that your progress will stand the test of time,...


Moreover, if you have an inclination to explore other Minecraft versions, this list offers a diverse range of options. Whether you seek a nostalgic trip down memory lane or wish to experience the unique gameplay of different Minecraft releases, you'll find servers catering to various versions and their distinctive attributes.

Seize the opportunity to join the captivating realm of 1.17.1 Minecraft servers or embrace the myriad of possibilities across different versions. Embark on your Minecraft journey today and become part of a dedicated community of players.